Opportunities to shine and prove what you're capable of

Software Developers

We are looking for developers to join us to help us bring new products to market and find creative ways to build and enhance systems to solve our financial customers’ problems.

You’ll be joining a group that provides a large amount of freedom for your own initiative. We have no management layer that organizes teams or work. You have the autonomy to do what needs to be done, and responsibility to work with others to achieve it. We have a number of values and practices in place that allow us to work in this manner, which we’ll help you learn.


You consider yourself anywhere from a new developer to having done this for as long as you can remember. You are interested in TDD, automation, domain modeling, and understanding and then solving your user’s real problem. You might consider yourself a frontend or backend engineer, but you won’t shy away from anything if that is what it takes to get to a solution.

You believe that the best software is put together in teams of individuals working together to produce value through working software. You don’t want to do this just once, and so work to set yourself, and the rest of your team, up to do this repeatedly.

Our Technologies

Our systems are written primarily in Scala and Java on the server-side, and for our web-apps, we largely develop rich front-ends using Javascript and tools like React and Redux. We integrate into MySQL and MongoDB databases, as well as MQ services and our continuous delivery infrastructure.

We host our applications on our own hardware, which we manage using puppet, mcollective, and a home-grown provisioning system.

Our Culture

We strive to have open and honest communication and put this into practice with retrospectives, root-cause analyses, lightning talksour blog, and cross-functional teams. One of the things that we’ve learned over the years is that we need to constantly improve. We’ve been pursuing agile and lean approaches for 10 years and we still keep asking “what do we want to improve?”

We believe that happiness is a major component of effective groups. Part of happiness is living and working where you are happy. Remote working is a normal activity for us. We are based in London, but we hold ourselves to our “distributed first” way of communicating.

Our Company

TIM Group generates new revenue for administrators, brokers, and other customers.  They trust us with their data and intellectual property, which we analyse, evaluate, and deliver to investors. Hedge funds, funds of hedge funds (FoHF)s, and more traditional asset managers use the information to identify market-beating opportunities, and to reward the contributors accordingly. For several years we have delivered market-beating analysis to investors in the best positions to take action, while ensuring that our contributors are duly compensated for their efforts.  We are trusted partners to both investors and service providers.


TIM Group Global, Aldgate, London, United Kingdom