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TIM Ideas

The world's leading Alpha Capture platform

TIM Ideas is the world’s largest and most advanced alpha capture platform. It helps investors monetise trade-related insight from the sell side and contains services covering several asset classes.

Tim Ideas Equities Alert

TIM Ideas Equities

Our original trade idea application, TIM Ideas Equities was launched in 2005 and has redefined the potential of pay-for-performance in the institutional information space. Still growing, though mature and proven, we connect thousands of brokers to their clients, electronically distributing and measuring the value of equity trade ideas. TIM Ideas equities helps investors achieve market-beating returns and those who provide value be rewarded.

TIM Ideas Equities Overview

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Future Roll Screen

Futures Roll

Futures Roll is an online application and analytics product that allows individuals at the sell side to demonstrate their ability to time the rolling of futures contracts. Through Futures Roll they have the opportunity to win trading business from clients, while the clients have an objective way to demonstrate best execution and choose an execution broker. 

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