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TIM Group is growing rapidly. We’re making our mark around the globe and now have offices on three continents – and clients in over 40 countries.

Our market share is increasing too, driven by demand for our core TIM Ideas and TIM Funds services.  We’ve enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 40% since 2005 and even during a year like 2009 we grew revenues by 20%.

But we can only keep growing if we have the right people. That’s why we’re expanding our team of technical, industry, and market experts.

We offer lots of rewarding career opportunities that will allow you to shine and prove what you’re really capable of. We also offer highly competitive salary and benefits packages. Whether you’re a recent graduate or already have a wealth of experience under your belt, TIM Group is a great place to start or continue your career.

What do we do?

We develop and operate secure, scalable browser-based applications that enable service providers and investors to improve their trading and investment returns – and enhance their relationships across the global financial landscape. Our teams in London, New York, Boston and Hong Kong work with over 500 institutions, from global investment banks to regional niche firms, and over 150 institutional investors, including major hedge funds, traditional money managers and funds of hedge funds. For specific information on our products, go to the TIM Ideas and TIM Funds pages.

Our Technologies

Our systems are written primarily in Scala and Java on the server-side, and for our web-apps, we largely develop rich front-ends using Javascript and tools like Backbone.js and Bootstrap. We integrate into MySQL and MongoDB databases, as well as MQ services and our continuous delivery infrastructure. We contribute into the open source community, and you can browse our work here: As well as hear our thoughts about this and everything else on our blog here:

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