TIM MAR Solution

Market Abuse Regulation compliance

Under the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) that became law across the European Union on 3 July 2016, all individuals making investment recommendations are classed as “Experts”. When they make investment recommendations salespeople and sales traders now face similar disclosure requirements to research analysts. This includes the disclosure of their 12-month history in any stock they are recommending to a client, and personal or firm holdings in the stock over 0.5%.

How TIM supports you to comply with MAR

TIM enables salespeople to record all relevant equities-based, investment recommendation information that is required by European regulators. This includes recommendations that are made through any media, including telephone, chat and email. This provides brokers with a centralised and single solution, including full disclosure history on a web site, and capture of  conflicts of interest such as personal or firm holdings, directly or via an upload.

Download our MAR compliance product sheet.