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TIM's Top Performer Awards commend and celebrate excellence amongst equity salespeople and their brokerage firms.

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TIM Group is the world’s largest trade ideas network. We specialise in the electronic distribution of trade ideas and investment recommendations through our independent platform (TIM).

Our mission is to provide investors with insights that help them earn market-beating returns, and simultaneously help originators of market insight to earn incremental revenue.

We achieve this through the TIM network which connects sell-side contributors and buy-side recipients by:

  1. Distributing trade ideas and other investment recommendations
  2. Analysing trade idea performance
  3. Providing tools to facilitate regulatory compliance

The TIM network is used by over 3,000 equity sell-side contributors at 341 investment banks and brokerages. Combining their insights with our services, we provide the world’s leading end-to-end trade ideas service for sell-side contributors and buy-side recipients.


Through TIM you can gain access to a wealth of trade ideas and a suite of powerful services and analytics tools, enhancing your investment and trading strategies and enabling you to earn market-beating returns.

Our innovative trade ideas software gives you secure access to over 3,000 equity sell-side contributors at 341 investment banks and brokerages, who author over 250,000 ideas every year on short-term stock movements and longer term themes.

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TIM supports you in earning market-beating returns through:

Trade ideas

Access the latest and best-performing trade ideas and tools, helping you evaluate each author’s contribution so you can make informed trading and investment decisions.

Quantitative author selection

Gain the ability to analyse our extensive, global network of contributors to identify authors whose contribution matches your portfolio goals. You can then monitor the suitability of their performance while still looking out for new brokers that fit your criteria.


Regulator support services that provide structure and audit trails for communications. TIM supports compliance with all regulatory requirements that are relevant to the jurisdictions in which you operate.

Broker relationship management

Gain the ability to reduce the administrative burden of managing a buy-side trade ideas program. We can answer your performance queries, administer your broker incentive programs, and manage your broker contributions - enabling you to focus on what matters most: alpha generation.


TIM is a must-have tool for authors who are serious about profiting from their trade idea contributions.

Our network is used by the world’s largest investment managers as their trusted source for trade ideas and other investment recommendations. It offers you secure distribution to your existing clients and offers exceptional exposure to new buy-side firms – providing you with the opportunity to maximise returns on your trade ideas programme.

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TIM supports you in maximising your exposure to the buy-side through:

Instant trade idea distribution

Send trade ideas to all of your designated clients in the push of a button and with millisecond delivery - ensuring your ideas are delivered to your most important clients instantly.

Access anywhere, anytime

Submit and manage your trade ideas from anywhere and at anytime, on your desktop and on your phone - ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Incremental revenue

Connect with new clients that have established, revenue-generating alpha capture programmes - including some of the world’s largest investment management funds.

Effortless compliance

Receive automatic audit trails of every trade idea and its associated communications, providing you with complete transparency of your trade ideas activity.
TIM also has built-in compliance features such as restricted stock lists and functionality that ensures compliance with relevant regulations such as the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

Market your performance

Maximise opportunities to market yourself and your track record of recommendations - bolstering your credibility with the buy-side. Plus, we can produce reports and scorecards for you showcasing your performance - which can be shared with new and potential clients.