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We are an ambitious company and have grown year on year. But we can only keep growing if we have the right people to support us.

We offer lots of rewarding career opportunities that will allow you to shine. Whether you are a recent graduate or already have a wealth of experience under your belt, get in touch – we are always interested in meeting new, ambitious people.

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About some of the roles at TIM Group

Developers at TIM Group develop dynamic and mathematically complex, web-based software applications...

We use mostly open-source technology which enables us to develop reliable, scalable, secure applications quickly. Our developers work closely with our customers and internal product teams to ensure ongoing improvement of our core technology and on-time delivery of releases. You can browse our work here:, or visit our developer blog: to hear our thoughts.

Sales Managers/Execs

Our client and sales managers play a crucial role in increasing customer satisfaction and driving company revenue...

by delivering exceptional personal service to new and established clients. As a client or sales manager at TIM Group you will work closely with your colleagues to respond promptly and efficiently to customer requests and expressions of interest from prospective customers. You will learn how customers use the service to enable you to anticipate their ongoing needs, both short- and long-term.

Account Managers

You will introduce new system features, and will make sure that customers are aware of them...

and able to make full use of them. You will also play a central role in negotiating contract renewals and new sales. Our account managers have a thorough understanding of our products and services, outstanding interpersonal skills, and an impressive record of academic achievement (a university degree with at least a 2:1 pass in the UK, or a GPA of 3.0 in the US).


In addition to full-time roles for graduates and experienced industry professionals, we also regularly offer internships and placements...

to academically able undergraduates who are considering a career in financial technology, giving students the opportunity to put theory into practice and gain an accurate inside look into TIM Group’s work style, technical teams, culture and an idea of life in a commercial environment.