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Launching our mobile trade ideas application

8th March 2016

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our mobile trade ideas application, which will make sharing ideas faster and easier for the thousands of contributors that currently use the TIM Ideas desktop platform worldwide.

The mobile app can be accessed at

The app provides brokers with a more accessible and convenient way to enter their ideas, wherever they are. Through it, ideas can be submitted in just a few seconds, ensuring they are timely and relevant to recipients.

The TIM Ideas mobile app has already been beta tested by selected users, and will now be rolled out to our global network of trade ideas contributors.

Konrad Lieder of Equinet, one of the mobile app’s beta users, commented: “I’m enjoying the ability to send my ideas from anywhere. This makes it even easier to give my clients the most timely information. It is important to react quickly to news flow, especially in the current volatile market environment.”

Francesco Masoni, Head Trader at Theorema Advisors UK LLP, “Timeliness is one of the key qualities of trade ideas. We’re delighted that TIM Group is enabling its users to enter and manage ideas anytime, whether they are at or away from their desks.”

TIM Group CEO, Rich Koppel, said: “TIM Group is already the premier network for
trade ideas, and we’re extremely excited to see our network getting even stronger with this new development. Our users want to send ideas while on the go and in response to the latest news and information, whether at a conference, en-route to the office or at a business meeting.”

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