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Top Performer Awards 2012 – European results

17th April 2012

LONDON, 17th April 2012 – TIM Group, which provides alpha generating information technology, consulting and services to the financial services industry, today released its first annual rankings recognising the top performers in institutional equity sales at brokerage firms in the UK and Europe.

TIM Ideas Top Performer Awards, 2012 ranks the top 10 European performers overall and the top performers in 10 basic sectors from among 1,800 sales people at almost 200 UK and European sell-side firms.  This is based on the level of out performance (versus comparable indexes) of 203,363 equity trading ideas that they developed for their clients, during 2011. TIM Group also released a similar ranking for equity sales in North America.

“2011 was another challenging year for stock ideas given the many macro events that impacted the markets,” said Colin Berthoud, Co-founder of TIM Group.  “However, our data shows that a number of quality sales people and firms were able to outperform their benchmarks and peers.

“Top overall performers averaged 164 ideas that averaged a market outperformance of 3.37% and a length of 29 days.  This equates to more than 42% outperformance on an annualised basis.  Top sector performers averaged 43 sector specific ideas, each averaging a market outperformance of 4.89% and length of 17 days, which equates to more than 100% on an annualised basis.”

The data comes from the company’s web-based TIM Ideas, the world’s leading alpha capture system.  TIM Ideas enables top sales specialists and sales traders from more than 750 brokerage firms around the world to send trading ideas to buy-side firms, which, in turn, use TIM Ideas to capture, track and monetise these ideas to enhance returns.

Top Three Overall Performers – UK/Europe

  1. Filipe Correia da Silva, Head of Equities – Spain and Portugal, CA Cheuvreux.  Part of the Crédit Agricole Group, CA Cheuvreux is the leading independent European equity broker.
  2. Jason Trill, Vice President, Global Cash Equities, J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan is one of the world’s leading global investment banks, with one of the most extensive client bases in the world.
  3. Jamie Douglas, Director, Deutsche Bank AG.  Deutsche Bank is a leading global investment bank with a top rated equities franchise.

Top Three Sector Performers – UK/Europe

  1. Consumer Cyclical:  Jason Trill, Vice President, Global Cash Equities, J.P. Morgan.
  2. Industrials:  Richard Payman, Canaccord Genuity, a global investment bank focused on growth companies, with operations in 24 cities worldwide.
  3. Consumer Non-Cyclical:  Sebastian Stroh, Sales Trader, ABG Sundal Collier, a leading distributor of Nordic equities and derivatives to Nordic and international investors.

See the full lists below.

TIM Ideas Top Performer Awards are the only rankings that measure the value of sell-side trade ideas developed by equity sales people, who are playing an increasingly important role today.  Equity sales marshal all of a brokerage or research firm’s resources in the creation of client specific trading ideas for fundamental and quantitative investors, with both long- and short-term investment horizons.  Performance plays a key role in commission allocation.

“TIM Ideas Top Performer Awards provide ultimate transparency,” Mr Berthoud said.  “Equity sales people were rigorously ranked based on the actual performance of each of their client trading ideas as compared to relevant indexes, from the time the idea was sent to clients on the TIM Ideas platform to when the idea was closed.

“While our rankings demonstrate individual excellence, to be good on a consistent basis throughout the year, a sales person needs excellent resources, too.  The fact that sales people from small and large firms were among the top performers shows that everybody is on a level playing field.”

2012 results were based on an analysis of the alpha generating performance of 203,363 long and short trading ideas on UK and European stocks sent to clients in 2011 via the TIM Ideas platform.  Performance was measured by the return on the idea from the time it was initiated to the time it was closed versus the performance of the STOXX600 (or the relevant MSCI sector benchmark for sector awards) during that same period.  The influence of outsized returns on a small number of ideas was mitigated by also rewarding higher rates of idea development and setting a minimum number of ideas in each quarter.

Top Performing European Salespeople

Rank Company Author
1 CA Cheuvreux Filipe Correia da Silva
2 J.P. Morgan Jason Trill
3 Deutsche Bank AG Jamie Douglas
4 ING Bank Richard Koning
5 J.P. Morgan Colin Orr
6 Natixis Equity Markets Julien Krief
7 Deutsche Bank AG Hermann Spellmann
8 J.P. Morgan David Green
9 Deutsche Bank AG Johan Fredriksson
10 Deutsche Bank AG Martin Schuette

Top Performing European Salespeople in each Sector

Rank Sector Author Company
1 Consumer Cyclical Jason Trill J.P. Morgan
2 Industrials Richard Payman Canaccord Genuity
3 Consumer Non-Cyclical Sebastian Stroh ABG Sundal Collier
4 Financials John Holl Knight Capital Europe
5 Telecommunications Tobias Luetke Kepler Capital Markets
6 Technology Lyonel Francoy Kepler Capital Markets
7 Basic Materials Martin Schuette Deutsche Bank AG
8 Healthcare Mehrdad Torbati CA Cheuvreux
9 Utilities Sophia Hart Societe Generale
10 Energy Bjorn Isaksen ABG Sundal Collier

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