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Are you ready for MAR?

9th June 2016

From 3 July this year, the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) is due to be implemented across Europe with the goal of enhancing and harmonising the EU regime on market abuse.

One of the areas affected will be the world of broker-to-client investment recommendations, with the new requirements fundamentally changing the working days of sales people and sales traders, in all asset classes– yet many of our clients and those we speak to in the industry are not yet ready to meet the new rules.

Under MAR those sales people and sales traders will now be designated ‘experts’, bringing them under a new set of disclosure regulations similar to those designed for research analysts. This will mean they have to record and disclose every investment recommendation they make, across all channels (from phone and email, to TV and social media) – a significant extra burden in terms of workload.

The five stages of grief

In a recent webinar we held with over 70 TIM users and contacts, we asked our attendees which stage of grief they’re at when it comes to facing MAR. While just over 50% said they had made it into the ‘acceptance’ phase, almost 30% were either angry or still in denial.

With just over three weeks to go until the new regulations come into force, many brokers across Europe and beyond are still unprepared to meet the requirements.


Be ready with TIM

We have developed a solution to minimise the impact of MAR on both sales people and investors and ensure compliance with the investment recommendation requirements within the regulation.

For sales people, we have developed a set of screens across asset classes to enable investment recommendation disclosures to be made to clients automatically
For investment managers, there are facilities to direct email traffic appropriately while retaining the required disclosure information to remain compliant

For equities, our MAR solution for investment recommendations is free for firms that have existing TIM contracts. This includes all of your sales and sales traders (not just those using TIM), all of your buy-recipients (not just those receiving trade ideas) and all of your investment recommendations (via any form of communication, not just trade ideas).

After this week there are only 15 working days to go until MAR comes into force. Find out more about how we can help you be ready:

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